fredag 31 oktober 2008


That last one sounded a bit to depressing. To anyone who reads this and starts wondering, no I'm not festering in self-pity. I just felt like a cuddle and that made me feel a bit blue. Since I was sitting in my big couch all alone.

But that cloud has past now so recall the ambulances I'm fine, whistling a happy tune as I skipp down the hall to bed...

Too much?? Ok maybe not skipping... ok ok I'm not whistling either. jeeez.

I am smiling tough and in a good enough mood. Tomorrow I am of to do a birthday party where I get to dress up as a Bumblebee, not everyone gets to do that. So you see no worries...

I am not on drugs! Some of us enjoy dressing upp. Admittedly I'd prefer to be a vampire or something else a bit cooler than a bumblebee but thems the chips I've been delt for tomorrow so I might as well enjoy it. Time to sleep.
Good night and love to you all. (Whoever you maybe) :-)

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