tisdag 25 november 2008

Rome and tea

Thank you for being able to enjoy Rome and a good cuppa. Life is good.

torsdag 13 november 2008

Past midnight

Lying alone in bed the mind wanders. Why am I alone in bed. It's not much fun being alone in bed. What does need to happen for my soulmate to wake up and materialize in my life. I feel like I already met her but that can't be true because I wouldn't be lying here on my own if I had. So love where ever you are it's time to waken I am here and we are going to be happy together. Love ya.

fredag 31 oktober 2008


That last one sounded a bit to depressing. To anyone who reads this and starts wondering, no I'm not festering in self-pity. I just felt like a cuddle and that made me feel a bit blue. Since I was sitting in my big couch all alone.

But that cloud has past now so recall the ambulances I'm fine, whistling a happy tune as I skipp down the hall to bed...

Too much?? Ok maybe not skipping... ok ok I'm not whistling either. jeeez.

I am smiling tough and in a good enough mood. Tomorrow I am of to do a birthday party where I get to dress up as a Bumblebee, not everyone gets to do that. So you see no worries...

I am not on drugs! Some of us enjoy dressing upp. Admittedly I'd prefer to be a vampire or something else a bit cooler than a bumblebee but thems the chips I've been delt for tomorrow so I might as well enjoy it. Time to sleep.
Good night and love to you all. (Whoever you maybe) :-)

Want ...

Want. I want someone to hold to caress and love. Soon it's midnight again and my mind is invaded by your faces, many faces many smiles and tears. The tears are mine, tears for the loss of your love and the void that you left in my heart.
Oh well soon the light will return again as it always does.

lördag 25 oktober 2008

Aren't feelings weird

Does it not rip you up that there are people out there that you love so damn much and you can't tell them.
Why is this?
Cowardice, tact, necessity or all of the above?
You just want to go right up to them and say God dammit I love you! Your feelings are so overwellming and yet your sense/fear takes hold of you and you splutter som feeble minded "..I..really..like yo...."
WHY WHY WHY can we not master ourselves or maybe not master but let go let go of our urge to control and just let our love transform into words of warmth and confidence, we have been there before. We know how it works.

Are we so afraid of the backlash of our emotions if renaged.
Don't we know by now that we always will always survive. Just let the people know, without a shaddow of a doubt that you will make them the happiest person on this earth.

Ok have just read this and must say it made more sense in my head. :-)

We is ofcourse aluding to me I'll refere to myself as " I " next time.

Have a good one

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